Roux Team Up with Pininfarina for their Racing Helmets

Roux and Pininfarina have teamed up for a new line of helmets that come in two styles—one each for open cockpit and closed cockpit racers. There will be a total of seven helmets, and the pricing with range from $1200 to $5000, with the exact price being determined by the choice of materials that the helmet is made of and its level of certification.

pininfarina racing helmets

Both styles of helmet feature an innovative water-cooling system. This system uses Cool-X technology to recirculate water from a CoolShirt cooler that keeps “perfect-temperature 52-degree water flowing.” This water circulates through the helmet, keeping “heat stress low and you focused on your race,” explains Roux. The closed-cockpit GT helmets also feature a built-in airport, and have the priority of controlling temperature. The open-cockpit helmets have removable aerodynamic spoilers, which come in handy in their intended races: Formula 4 to Formula 1.

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While the water-cooling system is an exciting feature of the helmets, it’s not the only cool thing about them. The helmets also have an integrated water drinking tube as well as an audio system that has noise cancelling capabilities and speaker pods. Pininfarina also states that each helmet is “fully customizable.”

roux racing helmets side view

Of course, safety is the major concern with these helmets, and Roux has equipped them with their proprietary Release Equipped System that allows for quick removal of the helmet in an emergency situation without putting any undue stress on the driver’s neck. The helmets are designed to fulfill the new FIA 8860 standards as well as Advanced Ballistic Protection safety requirements. They also meet Snell’s 2020 standards for homologation. According to Pininforina, the helmets have a strategic placement of the HANS anchors as well as a new trigger and visor rotation system. The helmets are a step up from existing models, and though exact pricing won’t be released until this Spring, they’re sure to be worth every penny.

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roux x pininfarina racing helmets

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