The Royal Enfield Twins Take Us Back

Royal Enfield isn’t looking to break new ground. The reintroduction of the Royal Enfield Twins—the Interceptor and the Continental GT—is proof of that. The bikes are iconic, and hearken back to simpler times. The Interceptor was originally designed in the California style to appeal to young Americans toward the end of the ’60s when motorcycle riders were viewed as slightly rebellious and even antisocial. The GT, on the other hand, was meant as more for the café racing crowd of the UK in the ’50s and ’60s.

royal enfield twins motorcycle feature

The Twins are being brought back as easily accessible bikes for any rider, with the idea of “the ability to have fun on a motorcycle every single day,” states Royal Enfield President Rudrtej Singh. Both bikes are no-frills. The motor for both is an air-cooled 650cc parallel twin with four valves and a 270-degree crank. The originals of these bikes featured a single engine with lots of torque and low RPMs. This new imagining stayed true to that vision. These aren’t crotch-rockets, but they’ve got enough kick to make your ride enjoyable. But that’s not the only way that Royal Enfield has stayed true to its history. The sound of these bikes is distinctive, with a rhythm that you’ll easily recognize as it comes down the highway.

royal enfield twins motorcycle engine

The Royal Enfield Twins do exactly as billed—they take us back to an easier time when riding was about the pleasure of the open road.

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