The Shiny Hammer Looks Like It Came From The Future

French company Shiny Hammer is known for its futuristic-looking aluminium furniture, but they’ve decided to take things to a whole new (whacky) level and try their hand at vehicle design, specifically: a kickass motorcycle that’s straight outta a James Cameron film. Pieces like this are a welcome departure from normal furniture made out of wood and plastic.

Named ‘The Hope’, this is essentially a high-performance scooter that has the same futuristic appeal as the rest of Shiny Hammer’s designs. The concept was designed to look like across between a Porsche, Pokémon and an iPhone – according to the designer, who was potentially on drugs at the time… The result is just as strange-looking as you would imagine.

shiny hammer motorcycle top view

You can definitely see the Porsche details in the design. The frame is smooth and rounded like some of the most iconic Porsches, as well as being futuristic and sleek like an iPhone. As for the Pokémon, we haven’t a clue.

The curved scooter is made from aluminum just like all of Shiny Hammer’s other creations. It sits on a Vectrix VX-1 platform made of aluminum. The frame is surprisingly durable making the scooter light but strong, and the fully-electric scooter is equipped with a lithium battery. It can reach a top speed of about 75 MPH and offers a range of about 170 miles. The motor is capable of producing about 65Nm of torque.

shiny hammer motorcycle feature

As for the ride? Very smooth. Most of the time, you can let her rip by turning the throttle both ways, and the handling is light and quick. Thanks to the electric motor, The Hope is very, very quiet.

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