Slimmed down and fast: The Deus Ex Machina Firefly Super Cub

The Honda Cub motorcycle is one of the best selling internal combustion engine vehicles in history, with over 60 million—yet few people remember it’s existence today. For those in the majority here, think of a lightweight motorcycle you see on the road every day and then cut the top off, making the body a strikingly thin and flat design. That’s the Honda Cub, born in Japan and popularised during the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s, only to fall into relative obscurity. Which is exactly why the worldwide motorcycle aficionados at Deus Ex Machina decided to reinvigorate the Honda Cub with a design of their own.

honda cub motorcycle front

Dubbed The Firefly, this 1961 Honda Super Cub capitalizes on it’s unique front suspension by slimming down it’s body even further, removing precious kilograms from it’s overall weight. The result of doing this is not only a wildly slim looking motorcycle but also one that is light enough to hold it’s own on a race track against much bulkier bikes, yet still be one you can take out on the streets as an everyday ride through town. Thanks to the Deus Ex Machina engineering and mechanical genius, the old Honda Cub engine on The Firefly can now handle the regulation maximum of a 20 percent capacity increase. Meaning it’s lighter AND faster.

As Shakespeare famously said, “Make it new.” And that’s exactly what has been done with this 1961 Firefly Honda Super Cub.

Check it out

honda cub motorcycle speed meter

honda cub motorcycle seat

honda cub motorcycle back

honda cub motorcycle back and front

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