Spring Stafford Motorcycle Auction is About to Hit

If you were to pick a highlight of the International Classic MotorCycle Show, you might just have to go with a second event that always accompanies the show—the Spring Stafford Motorcycle Auction put on by Bonham’s Auction House. This year the show will be even more impressive with over 400 entries that are billed as one-of-a-kinds.

Spring Stafford Auction

It’s impossible to list all of the bikes up for auction in this short of a preview, and it’s almost as impossible to pick a few highlights, but here goes. On the block this year you’ll find “The Rolls-Royce of Motorcycles,” the 1926 Brough Superior SS100 Alpine Grand Sport. Also on the block is a 1951 Vincent Series-C Black Shadow with a 998cc V-Twin engine.

Another interesting engine is the vintage example put into a 19252 Coventry-Eagle 981cc Flying-8. You’ll find one of only 1,012 examples of the 1928 BMW 500cc R57s, as well as a 1926 Moto Guzzi 498cc C2V. Or you might be interested in picking up an entire collection, like the R.J. Gardiner Collection of ex-works competition bikes, the Sant Hilar Collection of MX and Enduro motorcycles, the Mike Taylour Collection that includes Black Ariels, or the “European Collection of 15 vintage machines.”

Spring Stafford Motorcycle Auction

The sale only lasts two days, but the action will be worth watching—even if you’re not putting down any money.

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