Stand Out with the Perfect Fit: Fully Customizable L’Avventura Series Bike

Walt Siegl Motorcycles have come out with another dream machine.

Full of torqued-up, off-road capabilities, the L’avventura Series bike has roared on to the scene. With the power of an 1100cc Ducati engine and a 6.5 gallon fuel capacity, riders are well equipped to take any path they choose – and a highly sophisticated GPS system will always make sure they get back to where they started. L’avventura is custom built to fit its rider and their terrain expectations.

l'avventura series motorcycle front

Described as a bike of “the highest caliber,” and a “dream come true,” Walt Siegl’s newest innovation is something to be revered. From the rugged treads enveloping open-tine wheels, to the bare engine block, seeing this machine reminds you more of a science fiction film, than reality. The metallic white shell and jet black cushioning provide the ultimate contrast, resulting in a stark, striking profile.

l'avventura series motorcycle back

Like other WSM machines, the L’avventura is a contemporary high-performance motorcycle with timeless styling. Utilizing cutting-edge technologies, this bike was designed to take advantage the latest in electronics, suspension, and breaking advancements.

Every Walt Siegl Motorcycle is hand-built to order in a New Hampshire workshop, but all have a certain look and feel you’ll find nowhere else.

Check it out

l'avventura series motorcycle engine

l'avventura series motorcycle silencer

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