Tarform Electric Motorcycle Rethinks Electric

Based out of both Brooklyn, New York, and Stockholm, Sweden, Tarform has brought an electric motorcycle to market that takes a new look at an old idea. The basic idea of Tarform’s bike is to hold true to the freedom of motorcycles, yet still take steps toward a greener world. To keep true to the motorcycle roots, Tarform drew on the looks of vintage café racers.

It’s still very obvious that you’re looking at an electric bike, but the feel of Tarform’s work is that of a classic motorcycle. The exposed chain especially helps give the bike that feel, as do the radial-mounted brakes, the USD forks, and the monoshock rear suspension. The bike also has the ability to be changed and updated, thanks to its modular design—something that you can typically only do with the old-school gas motorcycles.

back view tarform motorbike

The modern flair of the bike comes in with the production. Tarform used 3D printing for many of the components as well as recyclable biomaterials. The bike also has integrated sensors and an artificial intelligence that not only make the ride safer, but also more enjoyable. Notifications of surroundings, such as other vehicles, are displayed on the bike’s bar-mounted heads-up display.

These notifications help mitigate the dangers of blindspots caused by helmets. The bike can also communicate with an app, keeping the owner informed about upcoming maintenance and charge levels. Speaking of charge, the Tarform is capable of doing 120mph for 90 miles on a single charge.

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tank tarform motorcycle

back seat tarform bike