Tattoo Moto’s Suzuki GN400 “Vampire Slayer” isn’t Just for Buffy

Buffy would look fantastic on Tattoo Moto’s Suzuki GN400 “Vampire Slayer,” but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you wouldn’t as well. This café racer shows what can be done when you strip a bike down to the bare essentials. There are no superfluous add-ons or extra features; just the main elements that make for a mean, comfortable ride. The result is a bike that looks like it’s namesake—you can just picture Buffy, or yourself, throttling down dark alleys hunting the creatures of the night.

tattoo moto suzuki gn400 motorcycle front

As a base for a custom bike, the GN400 is a great choice. The bike was only in production for a few years, so there’s not too many out there. This particular bike came off of a classifieds list and already had a big suspension and ground clearance. Using Deux Ex Machina’s “Gievous Angel” café racer as inspiration, Tattoo Moto chopped the tail end off and installed a new loop with integrated LED lighting. The suspension was cut down, shortening the front forks, and a low profile tank was replaced the original. A bikini faring covers a mount for Speed Tracker app over the triple tree as well as the clip-ons and kung-fu grips.

tattoo moto suzuki gn400 motorcycle tank

How did they arrive at the name of “Vampire Slayer”? As chance would have it, Rudy Banny, owner of Tattoo Custom Motorcycles, has a business partner whose name just happens to be Buffy.

Check it out

tattoo moto suzuki gn400 motorcycle back

tattoo moto suzuki gn400 motorcycle seat

tattoo moto suzuki gn400 motorcycle exhaust

tattoo moto suzuki gn400 motorcycle side view

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