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Ever Wondered What a Tesla Motorbike Would Look Like?

Tesla has already designed an electric car and an electric truck, so it makes sense that an electric motorcycle would be next. But Elon Musk isn’t having it. The billionaire has confirmed he has no plans of stepping foot in the two-wheeled arena, but that hasn’t stopped fans from pondering just what a Tesla Motorbike would look like. Take San Diego based automotive designer Ash Thorp and collaborator Carlos “colorsponge” for instance. The duo borrowed the lines and angles of the Cybertruck to design a badass Tesla Motorbike Concept that will sadly never see the light of day.

Tesla motorbike

Image: ashthorp/Instagram

Dubbed “The Sokudo,” the concept is a part of the ever-increasing M.H.C. Collection (Make Hast Corp.) representing the work of Ash and Carlos. The Sokudo is the fourteenth entry into the collection, which aims to produce two dozen digitally rendered vehicles. The flat panels of the concept are readily recognisable as being inspired by Tesla.

“Personally, this build was one of the more challenging of the collection, I wanted it to be something extremely pure and unique and something that hasn’t been seen before… which as we all know is a very challenging task in a highly saturated market,” Thorp said on Instagram. “I have always been fascinated with the design of motorcycles, the raw form/function simplicity has always captivated me. When I approached Carlos about us potentially doing motorcycles for our next builds he was equally excited so we jumped right in and began building.”

In addition to the flat pieces and long lines, the bike is built on an extruded chassis. A USD fork and a single swing-arm are paired up with the electric motor and battery pack. Carbon fibre wheels finish off the look with a set of Michelin Slicks. In addition to the Tesla influences, you’ll also find hints of another project from the duo, specifically a custom Ducati DNA.

Ashthorp tesla motorbike concept wheel

Image: ashthorp/Instagram

Purportedly, the chassis isn’t just custom it’s also flexible. According to the designers, the chassis can fold into more aerodynamic positions at higher speeds. “The still images don’t show this, but the ‘exoskin’—or outer shell—would pivot, move, and adjust its aero angle as needed based on the rider, speed, and real-time road conditions,” explains Thorp.

The organic lines continue down the body to the built-in seat, which is noticeably thin. After the build was wrapped up, the decision came down to colour choice.

“I originally wanted to keep it all super pure white and clean, though once I tested the black on red I knew that was the final livery that I would reveal the project in,” Thorp told Pipeburn. “I also love to make odd variations in colours and push the norm so I came up with a pastel version—which I’m honestly not sure if I like or not but for now . . . I suppose it will work.” Regardless of the looks, this bike fits perfectly in the Tesla line—even if it’s not a legitimate addition.

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Tesla motorbike 3

Image: ashthorp/Instagram

Tesla motorbike 1

Image: ashthorp/Instagram

Tesla motorbike 2

Image: ashthorp/Instagram

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