The 1970 Rokon Trailbreaker Was Made to Go Anywhere

There are some places that you just can’t drive to—unless, of course, you happen to own a 1970 Rokon Trailbreaker bike like the one offered on Originally owned by the inventor of the modern medical ventilator, Dr. Forrest Bird, the Trailbreaker is a unique off-road vehicle.

Rokon Trailbreaker bike wheel

Power for the bike is provided by a Chrysler Power Bee 136cc engine that is mated to an Albion three-speed transmission. The engine produced only about 8 horsepower, giving the bike a top speed of around 20 miles per hour, which was perfect for the much lower gearing of the bike. What makes this set up even more unique is that power is sent to both wheels. The powertrain uses a combination of chain, belt, and shaft drives. This push and pull characteristic led the manufacturer to claim that the bike could climb a 60 percent grade. Those wheels are also something special. The hollow aluminum wheels can be left empty, making the bike buoyant enough float. The hollow wheels were also intended to be used as tanks to hold either more fuel or even drinking water. There’s no suspension on these bikes, but the big tires more than make up for that.

Rokon Trailbreaker bike front

This particular listing states that the bike was recently refurbished. The engine received new bearings and seals, and the carburetor was rebuilt. The miter boxes in both the front and rear were also rebuilt. The seat was replaced with a factory-style seat. For tires, the previous owner opted for 26×8” Maxis Bighorns. The bike has been cleaned up and repainted, with new decals being installed. The bike comes with front and rear racks as well as a wire engine cage.

Rokon Trailbreaker bike back

If you’re looking for a bike that will gladly go where no one else is willing to, as well as a bike with an interesting pedigree of ownership, then you missed your chance with this one—it sold in October for $6,600.

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