The Hookie Co. Honda Wolf is the Alpha of the Pack

Hookie Co. has been coming out with progressively impressive bikes, and their Honda Wolf marks their next step. Based on the 1978 Honda CB750 K7, the Wolf already came to the plate with plenty to offer. The CB750 was what the industry came to know as the first “super bike” and was part of the “UJM” (Universal Japanese Motorcycle) group of motorcycles. The CB750 has an air-cooled, transverse, in-line four-cylinder engine with a 736cc capacity. The motorcycle offered 67 horsepower with 44 lb-ft of torque on a five-speed transmission. Hookie Co. changed that offering up, rebuilding the engine with an 830cc big bore kit. Keihin PD46 carburetors were also added, alongside new pod filters and a new accelerator pump.

hookie co honda wolf motorcycle gas tank

A lot of cosmetic work was done to the bike as well, including silvering out the engine rather than blacking it. The upside-down forks from a Suzuki GSX-R make up the front, while the back has a set of custom-length YSS shocks. A four-into-one headers coated in black that connect to a Spark muffler make up the exhaust. Shinko SHR270s have been mounted to Sun Remo aluminum rims make up the tires, and those have been connected on the front to Cognito Moto conversion hub. The rear cowl features an under-seat oil tank with a pop-up filler cap, all of which was handmade. The fuel tank is also custom and also features the pop-up cap.

hookie co honda wolf motorcycle back

Hookie Co.’s Wolf is aggressive and sleek—just like its namesake.

Check it out

hookie co honda wolf motorcycle headlight

hookie co honda wolf motorcycle seat

hookie co honda wolf motorcycle back style

hookie co honda wolf motorcycle engine

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