The Stealth Electric ATV

One of the more enjoyable aspects of being out in the wild is the sounds of nature. There aren’t any honking horns, blaring radios, and heavy equipment assaulting your ears, just the sounds of the wind in the trees, birds chirping, and perhaps even a rushing stream. Until you rev up your ATV and startle nature into silence. DRR USA is unveiling a Stealth Electric ATV that will get you where you want to go without having the noise of a normal ATV disturbing the setting.

The Stealth Electric ATV is comparable to a 600cc adult utility four-wheeler, so set aside any concerns about this being a child’s toy. It was developed to help search and rescue personnel, ecologists, and environmentalists, so range also isn’t an issue.

Because it runs silent, you’ll be able to hear what’s going on around you—which is especially helpful in search and rescue operations. And because it’s electric, it doesn’t have any carbon emissions. The Stealth Electric ATV has an impressive range as well: it’s capable of travelling up to 35 miles at maximum speed uphill—all on a single battery pack.

If you’re not thinking of maxing out its work capacity, you’ll get a full, eight-hour day of intermittent work before needing to recharge. A second battery pack can even extend the range farther. It comes with a digital dashboard with odometer, speedometer, and battery charge indicator.

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