Third Time’s a Charm with the Triple Tripla

When you check out the site for The Arsenale’s Triple Tripla 0.0, one of the first things you notice is their claim of the bike having a stealthy look. Taking a look at the pictures, you just might disagree. The bike looks stocky. Don’t take that the wrong way. It doesn’t look short and squatty, nor is it unattractive. It looks stocky in the way that you would describe a competitor in the World’s Strongest Man competition. It looks like it could bench you and the couch your sitting on, oh, and throw in the house while you’re at it.

triple triple motorcycle design

It starts with the base of the bike. The Triple Tripla is built off of the Triumph Street Triple. From there, the builders gave it a smaller tank and seat plane (hence the stocky look). Working with racing parts workshops, the builders also replaced the rear suspension with a Speed triple monoshock suspension that increases stability and precision. The Triple Tripla also sports a belt drive instead of the traditional chain transmission. As the builders note, using belts improves safety and power delivery. Finally, in keeping with the triple theme, the exhaust is triple mouthed to match the triple cylinders. What you end up with is a 100hp street bike with 675cc displacement.

triple triple motorcycle top view

The Triple Tripla is extremely limited, with only five examples being made. You can step up to see if you’ve got the strength to match the Triple Tripla’s power below.

Check it out

triple triple motorcycle style seat

triple triple motorcycle engine

triple triple motorcycle front

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