Thirteen BMW R80 Café Racer Keeps it Clean, Simple, and Fast

Based out of Portugal, it roCkS!bikes represents the combined efforts of Alexandre Santos and Osvaldo Coutinho, who have been pooling their engineering talents since 2013. They’ve worked under the philosophy of keeping their bikes clean, simple, elegant, and fast. The Thirteen certainly lives up to that ideal.

thirteen bmw r80 cafe racer motorcycle feature

The owner delivered a BMW R80 to Santos and Coutinho, which was then torn apart and overhauled. After this first stage of the project, the R80 was fitted with aftermarket and custom parts, including a custom exhaust, an R1100 RS swingarm and monoshock, Yamaha R1 forks, and more. The handmade aluminum single piece body was given a gray with red accents color scheme, tying nicely to the black and chrome of the rest of the bike. The open spaces of the Thirteen give it an airy and minimalistic feel—the kind of feeling that testifies to just how fast this bike is capable of going. That speed is in part due to Santos and Coutinho swapping out the airheads factory jugs, thus increasing the bike’s capacity from 800 to 1000cc.

Check it out

thirteen bmw r80 cafe racer motorcycle meter view

thirteen bmw r80 cafe racer motorcycle back

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