This Ducati 999S Helmade Noir by Vengine is Straight from a Dystopian Future

The Ducati 999S Helmade Noir by Vengine unabashedly draws inspiration from movies about dystopian futures like Blade Runner or Ghost in the Shell. The result is a bike and helmet combo that could fit in perfectly in those movies, but looks just as impressive on the streets.

ducati helmet different collection

The helmet is built on a base Bell Bullitt, and features two halved eye ports in the visor, reminiscent of the first Formula 1 racing helmets from Bell, the Bell Star XF GP. Vengine took on the bike portion of the build, putting together a racetrack built Ducati 999S. The bike has a powerful 136 horsepower v-twin engine that has been optimized with performance upgrades like a new exhaust system with Diavel pipes. The upgrades also include an SC-Project can and an Ohlins 1098S swingarm and shock. The front end of the bike came from an Aprilia RSV4.

The bike and helmet both received a neon colour scheme. The variegated lines of the helmet and tank match up together. The black of the engine and parts of the frame serve to make the neon colours pop even more. That effect is made even stronger thanks to the white accents parts around the body of the bike.

The 999S custom by Vengine and Helmade stays true to its source material—and delivers a stunning bike.

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