This Wreckless Motorcycle Custom 650 Build is a Fortuitous Accident

As far as accidents go, the Wreckless Motorcycle Custom 650 Build is a pretty good accident to have. The project started out as an impulse buy, with a Kawasaki W650 MY 1999 serving as the base. From that start, the builders reshaped the original fenders, reducing and shortening them. The seat was also reshaped and recovered to match the new look. The original headlight received a visor as well as new Philips racing vision bulbs, and the original throttle and switchgear were also kept.

wreckless motorcycles launched

The engine was overhauled, being equipped with all new gaskets, filters, bolts, cables, and hoses. A reshaped tank matched up with the blasted, polished and painted engine. A new DID VX GB chain and an EBC racing clutch pack and sprockets boost performance.

back view of wreckless motorcycle

This first foray into custom bike building by Wreckless is an impressive start. The original vision of putting together a powerful bike that looked vintage, but didn’t have that vintage handling, definitely came to fruition Located in the UK, Wreckless has made great pathways into the world of customization with this retro urban scrambler style. What makes this bike even more of a fortuitous accident is that the builder, Rick Geall of Northamptonshire, was “between” jobs when he built it.

It looks like Geall may just have stumbled upon his life’s calling.

Check it out

fuel tank of wreckless motorcycle

wreckless custom build motorcycle wheel

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