Travas Pastrana’s Indian Scout Wasn’t Meant to Jump

Travas Pastrana’s Indian Scout was built in the same vein as Evel Knievel’s bike—which is a good thing, since Pastrana used the bike for the same purpose, to jump the Fountains at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas. Knievel jumped several bikes in his career, including a Laverda (American Eagle), Honda, Triumph, Harley, and Norton. The one thing each of the bikes had in common was that they were not meant for jumps, much less record-setting and history-creating jumps. So when Pastrana approached Roland Sands Design with a demand to replicate Knievel’s jump, they knew they had to stay true down to the smallest details.

So Roland Sands Design opted for an FTR750 Indian Scout. The Scout very closely resembles Knievel’s ride in that its flat tracked tuned suspension with only four inches of travel. Sands added new bars, risers, foot controls, and a custom, tall, gripper seat. They also added an adjustable offset triple clamp, as well as an Ohlins 43mm-conventional fork and shock. The rear shocks were swapped out for Race Tech GS3 shocks for their damping adjustability. The added height of the shocks also allowed for a longer elastomer bumper. The engine, designed more for laps than launches, had to be heavily modified. Pastrana did bend a few side arms while testing, but come jump day, the bike performed flawlessly. Pastrana easily cleared 52 crushed cars, 16 Greyhound buses, and the fountains.

Check it out

travas pastrana indian scout motorcycle jumping over cars

travas pastrana indian scout motorcycle in white uniform

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