Ural Motorcycle and SUP Are this Year’s Odd Couple

The old TV show The Odd Couple put two bachelors that were polar opposites together in the same apartment. BOTE has come up with a pairing that seems like they are opposites, but will no doubt have people clamouring for more. And best of all, this odd couple is a giveaway hat one lucky winner can walk away with.

ural motorcycle in desert view

The pair is a stand-up paddleboard made by BOTE and a Ural Tourist motorcycle with a sidecar. The board is a 12-foot Gatorshell Blackout that is a stylish black and grey—hence the name “Blackout.” The Ural that is being given away is a 2012 Tourist, which is based on the T model and 749 cc, OHV air-cooled 4-stroke with an opposed twin cylinder engine.

The bike has a 40 horsepower and 38 lb-ft output. Like most Tourists, the bike comes with a sidecar, and like the board, bike and sidecar have been blacked out. Of course, the duo wouldn’t make much of a couple without some alterations, and BOTE went to the garage to unite them with a custom rack setup that allows you to transport the board on the motorcycle.

The rack is “a Frankenstein made of resin and steel, paddle and pistons.” It’s tall enough that you can carry a passenger in the sidecar, and there’s a place to stow your paddle under the board.

The drawing for the giveaway will be held May 31, and one lucky winner will walk away with a prize worth more than $15,000.

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