Veldt Modular Helmets Open Up the Possibilities

If you haven’t heard of Veldt Modular Helmets, then you’re missing out on the opportunity to get your helmet just the way you like it. Veldt helmets are fully handmade of only the highest quality materials, which include its carbon fiber shell and a durable padding for its interior.

veldt modular helmet feature

All helmets are meant to be safety equipment, but sometimes safety comes at the price of comfort. Veldt has taken that responsibility of safety very seriously, but they haven’t abandoned comfort to do so. Every aspect of their helmets is in response to a safety or comfort concern. The carbon fiber shell is actually an amalgamation of over 30 pieces.

veldt modular helmet side and color

The helmet features five skull pads and two cheek pads that are available in two different thicknesses. The padding is removable for optimal fit, but also for washing and replacing. The padding is covered in a coolmax material to keep you cool and can also be accented in suede, an optional leather, or a material of your choice. Because the padding is removable, you can swap it out with other sizes or even wear it without padding.

veldt modular helmet front

The customization goes even further with different paint jobs and configurations. By adding or subtracting different accessories you can go from a jet helmet, to a visor helmet, to a chin guard helmet, or to a full face helmet. Using their innovative rivets, Veldt can quickly attach your chosen accessories.

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