Watch Scott Kranyak Shred his Town on an Electric Motorbike

We’re used to seeing dirt bikes tearing through courses and down trails, catching air on jumps and clearing incredible lengths. What you’re probably not used to is seeing someone do that in the middle of a city. You also might not be used to seeing it done on an electric motorcycle. Scott Kranyak, also known as Skrany, released a video showing him shredding up his hometown in the city of Bakersfield, California on an electric dirt bike.

The video, titled “Live Mas,” was filmed over the course of one day with Skrany scouting out and then riding each location.

The video shows Skrany taking his bike through the paces on a number of different challenges. You’ll see him ride his bike on a go-cart track as well as at a skate park. In both locations, the quiet of the motorcycle played an important role as everyone present seemed completely caught off guard. In fact, the video shows what might have been the manager coming out of her office to see what was going on as Skrany rode off.

The video also shows Skrany catching some pretty impressive air. In one shot, he clears the shoulders and two lanes of a highway onramp. There are a few shots of Skrany riding his bike up and down stairs, even getting an occupant of one building coming out to film Skrany as he rides up one side and down the other of the stairs that lead to the entrance of the building. The video closes with Skrany riding an arc across a brick-paved embankment.

The description for the video promises that Skrany and company are working on other projects, and given the crazy stunts Skrany pulls in this first video, no doubt any other projects they are working on will really showcase Skrany’s unique style of riding.