We’ll Have Two Scoops of This Honda Custom Bike

Chicago custom bike shop Federal Moto just happened upon a 1983 Honda CX650 Custom when they were looking to put together their ninth build—the “FED 009.”

Honda Custom Bike side view

“The CX650C was only available in the States for one year before Honda pulled the plug,” explained Michael Muller, Federal’s lead builder. “So when we stumbled upon it we knew it needed a Federal makeover.”

tank Honda Custom Bike

What they didn’t know was that this project wasn’t just going to be a “makeover.” The CX650C engine was completely rebuilt, with new gaskets, new piston rings, and plenty of honing work. The cam chain, tensioner and guide blades, stator, camshaft seal, and starter clutch springs were also upgraded. They also changed the bike’s stance so that the rider could have more control, and a better connection to the road.

light Honda Custom Bike

That stance change meant a whole new front end, with new forks, lower triple tree, and brakes—all of which came from a 2006 Suzuki GSX-R600. Cognito Moto brought in a top yoke and front wheel hub.

engine and wheel view Honda Custom Bike

The rear hub came from a 1988 Honda Shadow. A new tank was fabricated, along with a new sub-frame. And then everything was rewired.

back view Honda Custom Bike

Federal then treated the bike to an interesting colour combination—mint and peach, with chocolate accents coming from the leather seat and grips. The effect was an ice cream sundae feel, earning the bike the nickname “Two Scoops.”

Whatever the flavour, this is one bike that will leave you wanting more.

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