Winston Yeh is Back with his Rough Craft Style on a Ducati XDiavel S

Winston Yeh has done it again. As one of the smartest and most talented designers in the game today, his Rough Crafts style has blossomed into something truly iconic and is constantly growing.

ducati xdiavel s motorcycle tank

The young genius from Taiwan first got started by customizing Harley-Davidson, but since then he has crafted beautiful BMWs, Yamahas, and yes, Ducatis. His mission, regardless of build, is the apply his signature look in a way that looks just right, but doesn’t deteriorate the inherent beauty of his donors’ vehicles.

ducati xdiavel s motorcycle back view

The Ducati XDiavel S that he worked on most recently is maybe his most impressive piece of work yet. In stock form, the XDiavel S is an odd bike that is a cross between a cruiser and a muscle bike. That background gave Winston ample opportunities to make it something special.

ducati xdiavel s motorcycle engine

As Winston’s client was rather tall, they took the cruiser, raised the tail, and allowed the bike to sit 34.6 inches off the ground. After dealing with the height, Winston and his team placed the XDiavel S on a pair of Carbon Wheels from BST, wrapped in Pirelli Diablo Rosso II rubber. With the increased traction, the Rough Cuts team applied Beringer brake calipers to the front, allowing for a bit more performance.

After concocting such a brilliant shape and style, that has become indicative of the Rough Crafts style, Winston and his team can deliver the bike knowing they have performed some brilliant work.

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