Woodman’s Wild Horse Bike Bucks onto the Scene

George Woodman only puts out a few bikes a year, so seeing his Wild Horse Bike was a much-anticipated event. The Wild Horse Bike started as a 1972 Honda SS50 Moped. Woodman took out the original 49 cc engine and put in a 190 cc Zongshen 5 gear courtesy of Stomp. That engine give the Wild Horse 22 horsepower—on a 48-inch wheelbase.

This bike is definitely one that will gladly buck you off if you’re not holding on tight. Woodman also modified the frame and tank position, and added in a new YCF fork. A new swingarm and suspensions were also added alongside the new pipe and exhaust.

woodman wild horse bike front view

Woodman is a brand name that George took on as a way to not only describe his approach to customizing bikes, but to also set his work apart. George is a carpenter and furniture designer, as well as an interior architect, who includes wood into all his projects (hence the “woodman” name).

Wild Horse lives up to the brand with a headlight panel and a seat that bears a striking resemblance to a saddle—both of which are made of beech wood. You have to give George credit, the addition of wood to the bike seems crazy, but who can argue with the results? This bike is unique and good looking—and a wild ride.

Check it out

tank and handle view bike woodman

engine view wild horse bike woodman

wheel view wild horse bike woodman