Z-Scooters are Smart, Safe, and Sexy Segways

The Z-Scooter is the first self-balancing scooter on the market inspired by Corradino D’Ascanio. This original design is an aesthetic vision that has long endured the ebbs and flows of fashion and re-cements itself as a foundational piece of the of the scooter-future. This vintage vehicle emits zero emissions and can be customized with different colors and decorations.

z scooters full view

Along with the stylish look and impressive performance, the Z-Scooter has a Ninedroid App available on Apple’s App Store and Android’s Marketplace. The app flaunts a comprehensive dashboard, remote control function, record share, online diagnosis, service assistance, and afford the user endless customizations of the Z-scooters. Ninedroid is a perfect edition to an effective and efficient mode of transportation.

z scooters on the road

On top of the impressive offerings Z-Scooter brings riders, it is very safe, secure, and compact. Safe driving was clearly a priority for the designers and engineers tasked with designing this scooter. High quality materials and a solid structure administer an elite level of comfort and security to the Z.

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