Zip Through the Snow with the DTS 129 Dirt to Snow Bike Conversion System

Modeled with the feeling of freedom in mind, the Camso DTS 129 is exhileration packaged in a bike’s frame. Built with optimal performance, incredbile traction and floatation, and designed to look beautiful while in operation, Camoplast has developed something truly special.

While the DTS 129 extends the objective of many other bikes, it does it in a new and fresh way. Built around a single rail suspension, the 129 allows for the kind of control and agility you would expect out of a dirtbike, but does so in the snow. Motivated by providing maximize performance, Camoplast ensured that lean, drift, blance, and manueverability were of paramount importance when this bike was being produced.

The unique 4-keel ski design allows riders to truly feel their ride as they cruise atop this innovative machine, giving you stable and predictable handling, while maintaining impressive power and drive.

Made specifically with heavy snow in mind, the DTS 129 has great performance in deep snow and performs properly for hard pack trail cruising.

While built to handle the most extreme cold environments, the DTS 129 also rocks dirt-transit with the same precision as other top-of-the-line vehicles. Not a one trick pony, this bike is just as effective on the dirt as it is in the snow.

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