New Age Commuting – Acton Blink Qu4tro Electric Longboard

If I asked you about a commuting vehicle, something that wouldn’t cross your mind is a skateboard, even if you’re skater yourself. Well, transportation company, Acton have created an electric skateboard that uses a four-wheeled-drive hub motor system at 1600 watts on lithium ion batteries.

acton blink qu4tro electric longboard back

It is capable of maintaining a top speed of 35km/h with a 37km/h range and can take a 30 degree incline, which means you ride uphill with ease. It has a distinct hexagonal deck, an aluminum, carbon fiber construction, lights on the front and tail with an integrated LED strip and an ergonomic remote and app control.

acton blink qu4tro electric longboard top

Action offers the ‘blink lite’ and ‘blink’, where the former is labelled the lightest electric skateboard on the market at 3.5kg. It’s sometimes boring to be like everyone else, it’s always good to be different, and you sure will be with this as your commuting choice.

Check it out

acton blink qu4tro electric longboard four wheels

acton blink qu4tro electric longboard side