The New Age of Skateboards – Inboard M1 Electric Skateboard

We live in a world filled with technological advancements. Pretty much everything is getting a technological makeover. The electric skateboard market has been slowly growing, but this new creation from Inboard has the potential to elevate skateboarding to a whole new level.

inboard m1 electric skateboard riding

Most boards out there now have a big battery that sits underneath, which affects the look and riding experience. The M1 Electric Skateboard from Inboard integrates the motor into the wheels, and they called this Manta Drive. This revolutionary motor is 1600 watts and can go up to 39km/h. The M1 charges in 90 minutes, which gives riders a 16km range before charging again. And if you’re a bit of a night rider, the cool addition of LED front and rear lights will make things easier. Welcome to the future of electric skateboards.

Check it out

inboard m1 electric skateboard top view

inboard m1 electric skateboard side view

men standing on the inboard m1 electric skateboard