Officine Mermaid Custom Motorcycles

Love it or hate it, but the rumble of a Harley Davidson is almost as distinct as its looks. But nothing is ever perfect and it’s fair to say things can always be improved upon. So it’s a good thing Italian Officine Mermaid Custom Motorcycles have more than just a soft spot for tinkering with Harleys and some of the better-known motorcycle brands. If you can speak some Italian, have the time to wait, money in your pocket and want a one of a kind motorcycle then be sure to check these guys out.

officine mermaid custom motorcycle motorcycle design

They do some amazing custom work on Harley Davidsons as well as Triumph, Honda, BMW, Yamaha and even Suzuki motorcycles. Officine Mermaid’s only limitation, it seems, is their imagination. In all honesty their webpage is a bit difficult to navigate due to the “no speak Italiano”, but if you’ve got a few minutes to spare, their impressive bikes are well worth a look. Luckily Officine Mermaid also regularly upload new videos and pictures to their Facebook an Instagram pages for perusal.

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