Penny Skateboards “Fresh Prints” & “Painted Fades” 2015 Collections

Almost every skater I know started or owned a plastic skateboard at one time in their life. Penny Skateboards delivers a whole new skating experience to anyone who loves a bright board with a big personality, for kids and adults alike. For 2015 Penny Skateboards introduced the Fresh Prints and Painted Fades collection to their growing family. The Fresh Prints collections invoke 90’s nostalgia through bold new designs, creating statement boards that sport some serious personality and returning to the retro trend currently blowing up worldwide. The Painted Fades collection draws inspiration from surfboard art, reflecting a love of the beach and carefree attitude. The collection introduces new energetic colour combinations, angled fade and a secret hidden colour deck. The boards are available in 22” and 27” sizes.

penny skateboards women riding penny skateboards features penny skateboards wheels