Perfect Restoration – The 1967 Toyota FJ45LV Land Cruiser

Based in Miami, The FJ Company are a custom shop with one focus; to get more Toyota Land Cruisers back on the road. The much loved utility vehicles have long been the obvious off-roader of choice for anybody who needs to get across rugged terrain, and the team behind these restorations put as much love as possible into recreating these beautiful old vehicles.

toyota fj45lv land cruiser front side

This one here is particularly rare, only about five thousand were ever made in this coveted FJ45LV shape, with the corrugated panels and long rear overhang, they’re a much sought after piece by collectors far and wide. This one came to the guys at FJ from a collector in Montana who couldn’t finish the project himself, and though it had a lot of cosmetic rust (which also looked kinda cool) it still had most of its original parts including the engine, so made for a perfect restoration project for the team that are no strangers to the Land Cruiser.

logo of toyota fj45lv land cruiser

The finished product looks great, the Coral Blue colour scheme and simplistic interior alone make it hard to imagine a cooler way to take the day off, transport your surfboard and yourself to a remote beach and fritter the afternoon away.

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engine of toyota fj45lv land cruiser

old toyota fj45lv land cruiser