The Phantom Coupe Exits Elegantly With the Rolls Royce Zenith Collection

The Rolls-Royce Phantom is hands down one of the most amazing cars there is. Whenever one drives by, it exudes a level of luxury you never see, dripping in class. While I doubt many of our readers have ever been in one, pretty much everyone knows about it. Rolls-Royce has decided to up the ante on the Phantom by dropping a brand new Bespoke Collection that elegantly celebrates the Phantom Drophead Coupé and Phantom Coupé. Dubbed the “Phantom Zenith Collection,” these motor cars push the boundaries of automotive luxury to their limits.

rolls royce zenith dashboard

The Phantom Zenith Collection will represent some of the very last Phantom Drophead Coupé and Phantom Coupé motor cars ever to be built. The collection will serve as true collectors’ pieces, as only fifty cars will be created. All fifty have already been commissioned by customers, no doubt some of the world’s biggest bosses, who will add them to some of most significant luxury collections on Earth. As so few are being made, the fifty lucky drivers can be safe in the knowledge that their numbers will never grow and their value will only go up with age.

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rolls royce zenith audio player

rolls royce zenith speedometer

rolls royce zenith meters

rolls royce zenith sound box

rolls royce zenith car inside