Pimp Your Corvette, Make it an AeroWagon

Callaway want to showcase their technological sophistication, artistry in design, and beauty in craftsmanship by converting your Corvette to an AeroWagen. The Shooting Brake Package fits a Carbon fibre, composite lift gate to the back of the vehicle expanding the storage space while preserving the Targa top, hinges and latch mechanisms. Shooting Brake refers to nineteenth-century terminology describing a vehicle potentially used to carry shooting parties, their equipment, dogs and their game. By the early twentieth century, shooting brake took a new meaning, referring to custom-built two-door station wagons that use the chassis of established luxury or sports cars.

chevrolet corvette

The Shooting Brake package suits the normal production C7 Corvette Stingray, Z06 Coupes and Callaway Corvettes. As the package is designed around one solid piece, installation is straight-forward and reversible. Body paint colour is available in several options to match the scheme of you Corvette. Callaway is expected to be busy so get in touch with them to find out more about their installation schedule and to reserve an appointment.

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