Plunge Into Adventure with the Paratrooper Mountain Bike

Montague has been revolutionising the bike for decades now and their 2015 Paratrooper is another stellar entry in their already stellar portfolio. Not only does the bike feature the company’s trademark ability to fold but it also boasts 24 speeds as well as front and rear mechanical disc brakes. The Paratrooper is truly firing on all cylinders in the mobility department and it’s a glorious bike adept for virtually any environment.

plunge adventure paratrooper mountain bike easy folding

More on that folding ability because it really is the bike’s coolest feature. Montague modelled the technology after real paratroopers who jump out of planes, hit the ground and spring up ready for action. Likewise, the Paratrooper Mountain Bike has the lightning-quick ability to adapt to new environments and is marketed as “tough, rugged and ready for anything.” By “ready for anything” they mean a bike that folds in almost no time at all. In order to deliver on the promise of swift fold-ability, Montague employed Folding Integrated Technology and a patented CLIX system that enables the bike to fold in 20 seconds or less without the need for any tools. You just flip a lever and wa-la! According to Montague, it’s the strongest folding bike on the market.

While the Paratrooper is a full suspension downhill bike of military grade, it’s taken off among commuters because of how insanely manageable and reliable it is. If you’re someone who lives in a small city or big town and you want to save a few bucks and get in shape by biking to work instead of driving, the Paratrooper will suit all your needs and then some.

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