Pretty Fly for an SUV – The Mulliner Fly-Fishing Bentley Bentayga

Mulliner, the wing of Bentley responsible for everything that’s customisable on your favourite set of British wheels, from creating custom refrigerators that fit in between the seats, to Queen Lizzie’s stretch limo, have redefined what ‘target demographic’ really means in the automotive marketing world. In case a Bentley SUV wasn’t enough of a niche vehicle, the Bentayga is now available in a fly-fishing version. For north of $630 000 AUD you can secure yourself the perfect whip for those weekends spent wading up to your waist teasing trout with fluffy feathers.

bentley bentayga accessories

There’s definitely been a point in every Bentley owner’s life where they’ve flicked their wrist across a river and thought ‘I wish I could have brought my Bentley’, so it’s great to see that box finally ticked.

Sarcasm aside, this is a seriously beautiful machine that’s had every detail carefully considered and then executed with masterful style. The whole package includes four rods that slot into custom storage units in the boot, which also houses a full burr walnut and leather tackle kit, waterproof boot floor and dehumidifier to keep the whole place fresh. The whole unit in the rear pulls out for maximum storage space when required, and ‘welcome lights’ project the logo onto the ground when the doors are opened – possibly the coolest feature yet.

bentley bentayga item in the trunk

Mulliner director Geoff Dowding says ‘The Bentayga Fly Fishing car showcases the breadth and level of detail a customer can expect from Mulliner. This is an individual bespoke solution and our skilled craftspeople can design elegant and exquisitely executed bespoke solutions to complement any customer lifestyle or hobby. Fly fishing is a sport that requires a variety of equipment and clothing, so it was essential to package the rods, reels, waders, boots and fly-tying station into the car in a luxurious, accessible and elegant way’. Elegant indeed.

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bentley bentayga front side