Pretty as a Picture – The Lotus C-01

If you’ve got a thing for outrageously rare motorcycles and a spare $US400,000 lying around then we’ve got the ride for you. A Lotus C-01 is currently up for auction, one of only 100 ever made and supposedly the only one in North America.

It’s a bike with a unique history – first unveiled to the world as a 3D computer render in 2013 and then made into beautiful reality by the Holzer Group in 2014 under the Lotus name. The original sketch came from former Bugatti designer Daniel Simon, who also brought to life some of the cooler film vehicles of recent years – the ‘Tron Legacy’ Lightcycles and Tom Cruise’s Bubbleship from ‘Oblivion’.

lotus c 01 motorcycle fuel tank

As if that wasn’t already enough pedigree, the bike also features bespoke carbon-fibre wheels from BST, 320mm Brembo racing brakes, twin Ohlins rear suspension and the pièce de résistance – a 175hp KTM 1195cc liquid cooled V-twin engine from the RC8R superbike.

lotus c 01 motorcycle engine

It’s the first time the Lotus name has ever featured on a motorcycle and the end product is startlingly close to the original design concept, which itself was inspired by the legendary 1960s Lotus 49 Formula One car. It’s also never been ridden and we can understand why – it’s the kind of ride that you could find yourself just staring at lovingly all day.

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