The Rand Picnic Sport Boat is Perfect for a Lazy Saturday Arvo

Scandinavian design has its influence in a number of areas, from furniture to clothing to kitchenware. One area you wouldn’t normally expect to see it is on a boat, however that is exactly what Rand Boats has done with their new Picnic Sport Boat. Rand is a Danish electric and solar powered boat company that started in 2013 and has quickly grown in the region. This comes as no surprise as the Danes are quite aware of the power and benefits of renewable energy.

rand picnic sport boat time to relaxation

The Picnic boats are designed to provide a refined and luxurious boating experience with top of the line styling. The boat, only five meters long, are notable for their spacious seating rows seating up to 10, a press-and-release stainless steel bathing ladder, and a 2.5 square meter convertible sun lounge for easy tanning or a relaxing nap in the breeze. The boat is also incredibly attractive to the eye, as you’d expect from the Danes.

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rand picnic sport boat back side

rand picnic sport boat side shape

rand picnic sport boat speed