Ready for Your Next Challenge? – The Fern Chacha Touring Bike

Two cyclists/friends with a passion for adventure wanted to put their touring experience to good use by making beautiful bikes for fellow travellers. They formed Fern, a small touring bike manufacturer who is based in Berlin. Fern is named after a refreshing drink from the mountains of Georgia. Fern’s flagship touring bike is the “Chacha” named after schnapps distilled in the Georgian region. Two prototype Chacha frames were tested on the hardest slopes through the wild Kurdistan, Moldova, Georgia and Patagonia landscapes. Time on the road gave the guys at Fern the opportunities to tweak their designs, so the bike handled exactly as they need to.

fern chacha touring bike front side

The Chacha is built using long distance cross section geometry with a classically shaped frame to create a simple aesthetic that hides its impressive functionality. Sugino cranks, Supernova lights, Shimano Sora derailleurs and a robust Columbus tube set will make sure you always arrive. You have the option of 26 or 28-inch wheels, and each bike is built to order with customised components and accessories to suit individual requirements. The Chacha touring bike is the perfect ride for your next adventure.

Check it out

fern chacha touring bike bottle part

fern chacha touring black color bike body shape

fern chacha touring bike seat

fern chacha touring bike front tyre and break

fern chacha touring bike handle

fern chacha touring bike front frame

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