Renard Motorcycles’ Carbon Fiber Moto Guzzi GT Is Amazing

Founded in 1938, Renard Motorcycles started out producing motorised bicycles but stopped short when the factory became a casualty of a 1944 World War II bombing. Not only was the Renard’s factory destroyed, so was the brand. Luckily, the company was brought back to life in 2007. The Moto Guzzi GT was their first ride.

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Thanks to the efforts of designers, race engineers and entrepreneurs who wanted to continue the motorcycle company’s legacy, Renard Motorcycles rose from the ashes in top form. The Moto Guzzi GT was Renard Motorcycle’s first product since that bombing so many years ago and it’s spectacular.

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Renard outfitted the GT with a Moto Guzzi 1200 cc Quattrovalvole engine. Moto Guzzi was the obvious choice for Renard Motorcycles’ GT as the company has been producing reliable engines for performance motorcycles for decades.

renard moto guzzi gt motorcycle high speed

This bike is an engineering feat in both design and strength. The lightweight frame is reinforced with Kevlar, making it both light as can be yet unbelievably strong. The frame, air box, gondolas and gas tank are all combined into one structure.

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The Renard Moto Guzzi GT has the control and manoeuvrability of a racer but is undeniably luxurious thanks to its sophisticated, sleek body. A featherweight carbon fibre frame, weighing in at just 11kg, provides precise handling and ensures that the Moto Guzzi GT rides like any of the best grand tourers out there. With a top speed of more than 225 km/h combined with responsive acceleration, this bike provides riders with all of the adrenaline-pumping action that they could possibly need.

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