REV’IT!#95 Custom Motorbike

Since 1995 REV’IT! has been on a never ending quest to develop motorcycle gear that can be taken as far as you want to travel. The challenge was to create a collection to take it as far as they can dream with an all-wheel drive motorbike. For this challenge they used a brand new KTM Super Enduro and started with a long list of changes and modifications, all the while observing the current trends within the motorcycle industry. After the team came together and finalized the design the actual fabrication became the next and most difficult step. Four months down the line, the REV’IT!#95 is finished and surpassed the boundaries as it was conceptualized from the beginning.

rev’it 95 custom motorcycle feature

rev’it 95 custom motorcycle side view

rev’it 95 custom motorcycle handlebar

rev’it 95 custom motorcycle two silencer

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