1984 honda atc 70 three wheeler

A Ride for the Big Kids – 1984 Honda ATC 70 Three Wheeler

This is one for 70’s and 80’s kids. You may remember this dangerous ride called the Honda ATC 70 Three Wheeler. It was advertised as not a toy, and production was stopped in 1987 due to a large number of riders being seriously injured or killed when riding one of these tri-wheelers. Now, for nostalgia, you can get your hands on one at auction.

1984 honda atc 70 three wheeler rear view

But I would strongly advise to handle with care. The model up for grabs comes in a 72cc four-stroke engine or a larger 200cc engine. It will come well-preserved and in Honda’s classic red with their classic old-school logo. This is one for the die-hard collectors, and remains ridable, as long as you don’t have the ‘ride till you die’ attitude when sitting on one. It looks like an adult-sized toy, even though it was advertised as ‘not a toy.’ Therefore, owners, play with caution.

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1984 honda atc 70 three wheeler engine