Ride or Haul Gear with the Ripper Scooter

This ain’t your grandpa’s Jazzy. The Ripper Scooter ATV is part utility vehicle and part cargo transporter. You can use it to haul your gear around camp or take it out to your deer blind or tree stand. It’s not the scooters you see clogging up aisles in the store or slowly crossing streets in the crosswalks.

Ripper Scooter ATV chair

According to a brochure from the company responsible for this ATV, Nebraska-based Rogue10, “The Ripper is a stand-on ATV that is intended to transport a rider and gear.” It basically looks like a four-wheeler, only with a platform in the middle where the engine should be that the drive can stand on. A long pole just up from the front and the handlebars are mounted to it. The handlebars can be folded down for easier transportation. It’s compact and light, weighing in at 212 pounds, so it can be easily transported and it has a smaller impact on the environment. Fat lawnmower tires allow for good traction, and the scooter is powered by a Honda engine. Front and rear racks can be used to secure gear, tools, coolers, and more. You can even use the racks to provide a stable surface to fire your rifle from.

Ripper Scooter ATV brake handle

At top speed, the 163 cc Honda GX160 can propel the 52-inch long scooter to a top speed of 13 miles per hour. It’s not four-wheel-drive, but it does have a live axle, which keeps both rear wheels always engaged. You’re not going to go racing down any trails with this scooter, but you will be able to load it up with all your gear and get to camp without killing yourself.

The Ripper Scooter ATV is priced at $3,495 and comes with add-on options for a seat ($300) and camo livery ($250). You can also pick up other options like independent front suspension with adjustable shocks and a wrist-strap kill switch if you’re worried about falling off and the ATV continuing on without you.

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Ripper Scooter ATV suspension

Ripper Scooter ATV back view

Ripper Scooter ATV in the jungle