Rock Down to ‘Electric’ Avenue on a Super 73 Lithium Cycle

There’s a stigma surrounding motorised bikes. First off, they don’t help the environment which defeats the purpose of riding a bike. Plus, they look and sound kinda lame. But Orange County based Lithium Cycles are changing all of that by creating powerful ‘electric’ bikes made for everyday life and every type of lifestyle. It also doesn’t hurt that the bikes look totally badass.

 electric avenue super 73 lithium cycle trapezoid frame

The Super 73 is a go-anywhere modern take on a vintage minibike design. With its trapezoid body frame, the Super 73 is bringing back that rugged 70s look. Built with a 1000 Watt motor powered by an 11.6 Ah lithium-ion battery, this unique electric bike has an impressive range of 32 – 41km per hour. The designers installed a small LCD screen at the front of the Super 73 to display the bike’s range, distant, speeds, times, and pedal assist mode. This bike has 20-inch wheels with 4.5-inches wide tires, a USB charging port, rear light, bottle opener, cup holder, removable battery, and large padded seat for maximised comfort, making it perfect and functional for any commuter or rider no matter where you ride.

The concept was originally funded on Kickstarter where the Lithium Cycles team surpassed their goal of $25,000 and raised over $400,000. Hence it was a massively popular bike before it even existed. These bikes are available in black, grey, and other custom colours for US $2,999 standard. You’ll never struggle up a hill again.

Check it out

 electric avenue super 73 lithium cycle body shape

 electric avenue super 73 lithium white color cycle

 electric avenue super 73 lithium orange color cycle

electric avenue super 73 lithium cycle stand

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