The Rock’s New Toy – Chevrolet Colorado ZH2

General Motors and the US Army Tank Automotive Research Development and Engineering Centre (TARDEC) combined forces to build the biggest beast of them all. Standing at two metres tall, reinforced inside and out with 37-inch tires and modified suspension, there is nothing this beast cannot conquer.

wheel of chevrolet colorado zh2

Inside, there are four customised Recaro seats, each with a multi-point harness, which are identical to race cars and military aircrafts. Imagine driving around this indestructible monster in the quietest way. This is ideal for stealthiest of missions.

doors handle of chevrolet colorado zh2

This is the most extreme off-road capable fuel cell powered electric vehicle made by General Motors and will be tested in extreme conditions to find out its feasibility in military missions. I don’t know Dwayne Johnson personally, but if this project gets the all clear next year, I have no doubts he will splash the cash to be behind the wheel of this baby.

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steering of chevrolet colorado zh2

top of chevrolet colorado zh2