Roll With It – The Trakkadu Campervan

Over the course of decades, family-owned motorhome company Trakka has mastered the art of luxurious practicality. The primary thrust behind their momentum is an ability to completely re-imagine old campers by sprucing them up with a bounty of features, which in turn inspires endless usability, adventure and loyalty among their customers. The latest masterpiece to emerge from the Trakka workshop is the 2016 Trakkadu Campervan and it’s an absolute stunner on wheels.

trakkadu campervan inside

Visually, the Trakkadu exhibits a classic aura. Built using a Volkswagen T6 Transporter as its source, the Trakkadu flaunts the kind of boxy old school appeal that transports your mind to a time before you were born, when hitchhiking was common and people would just quit their jobs and go. Go where? Anywhere? But don’t be fooled by the minimalist exterior. This baby is loaded with such a buffet of amenities that to list out all the specs would take pages. Seriously, pages.

the trakkadu campervan inside space

That’s really what Trakka and the 2016 Trakkadu (the company’s most affordable camper) is all about: combining the dependability of traditional motorhomes with a two-ton pile-up of amenities. Between the elevating roof, the state of the art plumbing, the modern kitchen and a slew of features, there is no mistaking this camper as being the kind of product only Trakka can deliver. As such, it’s one of the most purposeful vehicles on the market. You can use it to drive to work or take the kids to school, or you can embark on a journey with no apparent destination or end date in sight. After all, that’s what owning a good camper is all about.

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the trakkadu campervan inside bed and seat

trakkadu campervan inner backside