The Rollholz Marble Cruiser Mixes the Old with the New

Etsy seller Tom Wilhelm crafts skateboards that shake up the conventions of board design and resemble marble. Tom’s boards are compact, so they make easy hand luggage for travelling and feature larger, softer wheels, as well as a shorter way of steering by softer axles. The result is a whole new combination of unrestricted mobility and a unique riding experience.


Then there’s the board design. Each board is crafted from exclusive types of wood. Tom doesn’t specify which types. The nose of the board would look at home in a room of fine hardwood furniture, and the tail is designed to look like an expensive marble surface. There are seven colour options available. The shape of the Cruiser is based on iconic old school decks. Each board is made to order and ships worldwide from Germany. Prices vary depending on whether you want axles, bearings and wheels.