Rollin’ in Rose Gold – Cobalt Valkyrie X Private Jet

In today’s world, pretty much anything covered in rose gold looks super sexy and sophisticated. I’m a sucker for rose gold, so it’s no surprise love was at first sight when I initially saw the Cobalt Valkyrie X Private Plane. Think of a bespoke Rolls Royce, but for the sky. Built in California, this plane will have speed to go with its sultry looks, as it has a 350 horsepower engine that can propel four people at a speed of 370 km/h with a range of 1,150 land miles. The exterior is made from carbon composite material, while the interior features premium leather seats, hand stitched by former craftsmen from high fashion French brand, Hermes.

This is featured in Neiman Marcus’ annual Christmas Fantasy Gifts guide for the affluent individuals of modern society. And for the rest of us, it would be a pretty nice feature in our dreams. Or if you around $2 million sitting around in a super-secret safe somewhere, spray your stacks on this sovereign of the sky.

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