Rolls Royce Gets Dark and Ultra-Luxurious with the Black Badge Series

Rolls Royce doesn’t need to do much to make a statement. They already make some of the most luxurious, stylish and desirable cars on the market and the mere mention of one of their autos is sure to turn heads all around the world. That isn’t stopping them from innovating, however, with the new Black Badge series introducing a dark and aggressive series of bespoke cars for a select group of individuals.

rolls royce black car

Black Badge is a permanent Bespoke series of motor cars for a group of young, self-made people in which the cars were made by working collaboratively with these new high-value customers. Aiming to be the ultimate in pure luxury style and engineering substance, ‘Black Badge’ is essentially an alter ego of the famous Wraith and Ghost. Keep an eye out for these on the road and if you’re lucky enough to see one, try to make friends with the driver.

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front side of rolls royce black car

seats view of rolls royce car

interior of rolls royce car

front side logo of rolls royce car