See Underwater with the Seataci Concept Yacht

Known for his quirky and imaginative designs, industrial designer, Charles Bombardier has come up with another one. As he was relaxing in the St. Regis resort in Bora-Bora, he was thinking about the logistics behind designing a cruise ship that could navigate shallow water. He decided that an eco-friendly propulsion system would be the key component to his concept called the Seataci Yacht.

seataci concept yacht on the sea

This system would be in each of the connecting pods that has a biomimetic oscillating foil that pushes water back like a whale’s tail, which would more efficient than propellers, generate less noise that allows the yacht to venture into shallow waters. It will feature a ballast system used to sink its main hull to show passengers an underwater perspective, a dozen on-board villas, a main deck that will occupy a pool and landing pads for personal drones. You have done it again Mr. Bombardier.

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