Have You Seen Death Machines of London’s Moto Guzzi Airtail?

Death Machines of London is a small workshop that is known for their minimal approach to building custom bikes. They took this no-nonsense approach with their first custom build—the Moto Guzzi Airtail. This custom bike performs well and looks impeccable to boot.

The skilled engineers and designers at Death Machines started with a 1981 Le Mans Mark 2 and completely disassembled it, essentially stripping it to the bare bones. All of the original parts were vapour blasted. They carefully restored the original instrumentation back to its original glory.

london moto guzzi airtail motorcycle top

Several parts, including the main switch and aviation warning lights, were taken from a 1940 Merlin Spitfire fighter, giving the Moto Guzzi Airtail a unique aviation-inspired aesthetic. The most characteristic feature of this custom bike is its “Airtail” or the skeleton tail section. This section was taken from a Land Rover Defender and adorned with just a single rear light. The Airtail fits with the minimalistic design, helping to hide all of the electrical components from view.

london moto guzzi airtail motorcycle engine

The Airtail features a 950cc engine equipped with completely new valves, a balanced crankshaft and gas-flowed cylinder heads. Other customizations include accelerator pumps, 40mm Dell’Orto carbs, a new R.A.M. clutch and a custom exhaust system designed in-house.

The bike is finished off with a polished red frame with a satin white trim. Exposed metal, located on the tank, is a great finishing touch. The Airtail is stamped with a custom brass plaque on the back of the seat to distinguish it from other motorcycles.

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