Have You Seen the Rare 1955 Lamborghini DL25 Tractor?

Luxury automaker Lamborghini has not always been involved in the sports car business. In fact, they started out in 1948 making tractors and industrial and military engines. Legend has it that Lamborghini got started in the sports car business in the 1960s only after having an argument with Enzo Ferrari after Lamborghini complained about the quality of Ferrari sports cars. Ferrari apparently told Lamborghini to stick to making tractors and leave the sports cars to the experts?—Ferrari. Of course, Mr. Lamborghini did not take kindly to Mr. Ferrari’s words and set out to upstage him on the luxury sports car game. Whether or not this is true, no one knows. But, what we do know for a fact is that Lamborghini did, in fact, build tractors.

1956 lamborghini dl25 tractor front

Although Lamborghini never stopped producing tractors, it is nearly impossible to find one. A fully-restored 1955 Lamborghini DL25 tractor in excellent condition recently sold at an auction in Carmel, California to some lucky buyer.

1957 lamborghini dl25 tractor engine

This particular 1955 Lamborghini DL25 was completely restored and in excellent shape. It was refinished in traditional Lamborghini Trattori red with blue accent on the wheel hubs and chassis. Equipped with a two-cylinder diesel engine that produces about two horsepower, the Lamborghini DL25 is more than capable of transporting wood, crops or even kids around a large piece of property. Other features include a 4-speed transmission, a set of hydraulic rear brakes and a belt-driven PTO that ensures it can run various pieces of farm equipment.

1958 lamborghini dl25 tractor side

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